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Aromas and Solutions Feed

Fish and Crustaceans


In the past 10 years, seafood has received increasing worldwide interest as a protein source with a high percentage of selenium and omega-3 fatty acids in the meat, making it an important food for preventing certain diseases.

The formulation of feeds has been improving to meet the nutritional needs of various species; however, the composition of these diets has been using ingredients of plant origin at the expense of those derived from animals, resulting in an inevitable loss of palatability.

Additing additives with aromatic notes capable of redirecting the olfactory and gustatory profile for aquatic species promotes a rise in feed consumption and good growth.

Seaweed aroma

Fish aroma

Salmon aroma

Herbal Mix Fish

Evaluations with this product have yielded excellent results in Italy Brazil, and other ongoing trials. All blends from the Herbal® Mix line can be produced in liquid and powder forms, and their combination for different inclusions.

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