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Pet Scents and Solution

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Flavorings and palatability enhancers


Pets are increasingly sedentary because they are confined to apartments and the possibility of exercising for them is now linked to the will and availability of their owners.

In this context, it is of crucial importance to ensure that they follow a correct diet: well balanced, but generally low in fat and protein.


In recent years, for ethical or commercial reasons, pet food formulations have included increasing percentages of products of plant origin: the palatability of these foods has decreased, moving away from the smell and flavor of the foods that the animal prefers in general


To recover and enhance the typical characteristics of foods intended for pets, aromatic notes can be inserted that redirect the olfactory and taste profiles to those typical of these species.


Available in a wide range of notes and available in liquid and powder versions, they can be added to dry foods in pellets or croquettes or to moist foods.


Aromas also find application throughout that parallel world that accompanies simple eating: cookies, supplements, toys, pet products and litter boxes


We have a wide range of essential oils in powder form with different adjuvant actions and nutritional factors.

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